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LIVING HOPE IT SOLUTIONS is an IT/ICT Solutions start-up business entity that is legally registered with the patents and companies’ registration agency (PACRA) under the Business Names Act of The Republic of Zambia with certificate number 3003305242025 since April, 2015. We are tax compliant with Tax Payer’s Identification Number (TPIN) 1003272312. Initially, we were based in Kitwe but currently, we are based in Monze. Despite moving to Monze, we still have contact persons in Kitwe and around the country, in all 10 Provinces who assist us in co-ordinating activities whenever there is work for us in those areas.

Our Partners & Affiliates

Olive Innovations Limited - Lusaka, Zambia
We are official agents for
Olive Innovations Limited who are the manufacturers of compatible ink and toner cartridges for any printer on the market based in Lusaka, Zambia. They are also distributors for Pantum printers which is a new cost-effective printer brand on the market.
These cartridges are genuine OEM products that can not damage your printer in any way. If it happens that when you install one of these cartridges and your printer becomes defective (something that has not happened so far),
Olive Innovations Limited will repair your device for free or buy you a new one if your device is beyond repair.
Terms and Conditions apply!

IBIK Software Limited - Russia
We are the sole official agents in Zambia for IBIK's Desktop Virtualization Software called Aster. Aster is a software that allows to use one PC independently, at the same time - all you need to do is connect extra peripherals (monitors, mice and keyboards) to the main system unit being shared. Aster licenses are in three forms - single user license, 2 users license, 3 users license and 6 users license.
Single user license, allows you to share one PC with only one extra user. 2 users license, allows you to share one PC with up to two extra users. 3 users license, allows you to share one PC with up to three extra users and 6 users license, allows you to share one PC with six extra users.
Before you purchase this software, we offer you a one
month free-trail period to test the software. The free-trail version of the software allows you to share one PC with up to 6 users and that changes after you decide to buy your preferred user license.
Terms and conditions apply!

Are you dealing in IT/ICT related business such as consumer electronics, computers and office equipment, e-waste management, car branding, bulk printing, courier services, drop shipping, stationery, etc. and you are looking for agents/distributors to help you sale your products and/ services?
You are welcome to partner with us!
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